Fidget Toys – Magnetic Beads 216pc Set 5mm Available In Australia

These fidget toys will have you addicted. You won’t be able to put these magnetic beads down once you start!

What are Magnetic Beads

Perfect Fidget Toys
Magnetic Beads

First of all, these powerful magnetic spheres  are also known as buckyballs or neodymium magnets. Because  they are magnetised on their diameters and have north and south pole, they do not go out of shape.  As these magnets are made of an alloy containing neodymium, iron and boron,  they have a strong force of attraction and repulsion.  You will be enraptured!

Fidget Toys To Challenge Your Creativity

Fidget Toys For Adults
Magnetic Cube

While these toys are a perfect way to unleash your creativity and imagination,  they will also challenge you mentally. You will be occupied for hours on end creating patterns, and arranging the magnetic beads into 3D shapes like cubes and tetrahedrons.  Therefore  these magical spheres are a perfect way to relieve stress.  Check out these videos for ideas for what you can do with them.

Fidget Toys For Adults

These beads are not recommended for children, as they can be dangerous if swallowed because of their powerful magnetism. If two beads are swallowed, they could cause internal injuries. If you accidentally swallow these beads,  seek immediate medical attention. Furthermore,  these  magnetic buckyballs must be kept away from gadgets and devices that are affected by magnets, such as hard disks, credit cards and electronic devices.


216 pc set of 5mm Magnetic Beads
Magnetic Beads Packaging

Each set of  high quality neodymium magnets contains 216 pieces and is packed in a convenient metal container. The beads are 5mm in diameter and come in a variety of colours, including silver, gold, red and blue. The magnetic beads can also be purchased in a multi-coloured set. See our shop page for available colours.

Neodymium Magnet Colours
Buckyball Colour Range

Advanced Creations

In conclusion, if you are really creative and want to take up these fidget toys as a hobby, then you can purchase more than a single set and create amazing structures – the sky is the limit!


Buckyball Tower

Magnetic Bead Tower